Legal & DMCA

BulletMp3 regards the privileges of copyright holders

and will work with said copyright holders to guarantee that encroaching material is expelled from our administration.

We screen record transfers to ensure that copyrighted material isn’t transferred,

In situations where you feel a document encroaches on your copyright or the copyright of somebody you speak to,

we urge you to utilize this page to inform us. will react to any takedown demands that conform to the necessities of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Legal & DMCA.

and other relevant licensed innovation laws.

If you accept that a record that a client has transferred to BulletMp3 encroaches on your copyright at that point please utilize the Contact Us Page to illuminate us,

Be certain to incorporate your relationship to the proprietor of the copyrighted work,

your full contact data, and the url of the melody/collection you are alluding to.