John Sama – You Know My Name

In the event that you could search for a period arranged by all out disarray and capriciousness, look no further it’s privilege here with us.

There is torment, dread, affliction, maladies, disdain, and sin on the ascent to give some examples on the planet overall. There has never been some other time better than this here on earth for one to take note of that regardless of who you are the place you are from or what you might be experiencing God knows us exclusively.

In addition to the fact that He knows you, however He additionally has an awesome arrangement for all of us. Luke 12:7 says “Even the very hairs of your head are completely numbered. So don’t be apprehensive… ” I come to you with uplifting news right now.

This tune is a prophetic mending word for you today. You should realize that Jesus knew you before you were shaped in your mom’s belly. He knows your name. As you let Jesus assume his legitimate position in your heart, He will guarantee that you experience harmony and trust again in your family and the general public also.

I realize how far God has brought me. I know where I would have been on the off chance that He didn’t appear on schedule. Much obliged to you, Lord, for You Know My Name without a doubt.

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Unadulterated enormity and liable to be a hit, as the tune is nothing extend an extraordinary showstopper. love it and Appreciate!

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